Three super cute, easy, and quick ponytail hairstyles. For more hair ideas visit our site:

Hairstyle #1, The “woven ponytail” (We found the “topsy tail” used for this style online. I have also seen them at Claire's, drug stores, and beauty supply stores.)

Hairstyle #2, The “ponytail knot”

Hairstyle #3, The “triple twist ponytail”

We have received many requests for some quick and easy DIY hairstyles (that can be done on yourself) for school. Each of these ponytails can be completed in less than 5 minutes and are most likely easy enough to do yourself. All 3 of these styles will work for teens and women as well as little girls. “The Princess” will be starting middle school this year and plans on wearing lots of quick “no heat styles” such as these ponytail designs, as she does not want to get up any earlier than she has to but still wants to look cute! We love that these styles are all simple, but something more than just a standard ponytail.

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