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6 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for Little Girls

When you’re short on time and need to get the kiddies out the door without them looking a hot mess, quick and easy hairstyles are the way to go. During the summer months, we love to sport a wash-n-go. But sometimes my daughter likes to keep her curls up and out of her face. Here are 5 easy ponytail hairstyles for little girls.


Side ponytail
Ponytail hairstyles are usually done following a wash and go, so we don’t necessarily go through the detangling process. I’ll use a wide tooth comb to smooth the roots, and then follow up with a fine tooth comb. I’m careful not disrupt the rest of her curls. Once the roots and edges are smooth, I add the hair tie and fluff her hair.

Low ponytail
Like the side ponytail, I smooth the roots with a wide tooth comb followed by a fine tooth comb. I may also add a little gel for a sleek finish, spray curls with water and add some coconut oil to her curls to seal in the moisture because the sun often dries out her curls during the summer. This is the perfect hairstyle for an active little girl who likes to tumble.

Banana clip faux hawk ponytail
I used to rock a banana clip all the time back in the day. This curly hairstyle is fun and edgy. It brings me back to my childhood days.

If you ever want to try this style, make sure you’re careful when closing the clip. You don’t want strands to get stuck between the closure. There are some banana clips on the market that are easier to use.

High ponytail
I love high ponytails, especially on little girls. It’s actually one of the easiest ponytails because if I’m in a hurry and can’t smooth out the roots in the back, her curls can cover up the imperfection. All there is to do is fluff and go!

Messy ponytail
This is our go-to-curly-hairstyle when we want to preserve her wash-n-go at bedtime. I’ll use a scrunchie rather than a hair tie at night and have her sleep with a satin cap. We’ll take it out the following morning, spray with water, add a little curl defining lotion, and let her ringlets hang loose. But if she’s wearing this style during the day, a hair tie will keep the style in place better.

Cornrow into a ponytail
The cornrow ponytail combo is one of my favorite styles. There are so many different variations. If you’re not familiar with how to do a dutch braid or cornrow, you can always do a simple three strand braid. Here’s a video on how to do a cornrow.

I usually make a small section toward the front of her hair. I’ll then spray that section with water to allow for easy control when braiding. You don’t have to braid all the way to the end. I like to finish the braid at the ponytail base and add the hair tie and a cute hair accessory.

These are cute curly hairstyles that can be done in five minutes or less. I hope you give these quick and easy ponytails try. Please post your pics using the hashtag #weeklycurls. Be sure to check out some of our other Curly Hairstyle of the Week hairdos.


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