Hair Growth Tips & how to grow your hair fast

Want to know how to grow your hair fast naturally?
Ladies, I know it’s tough, hair care is NOT easy!
Maybe you look at old photos of your granny and mom with hair that goes down to their knees!
But, these days that seems so unrealistic!
We have hectic work schedules, a heavily polluted environment and no patience.
But, who doesn’t CRAVE beautiful long tresses?
There’s just something magical about it!

Now, I know you’re looking at my hair and must think that I was born this way.
But you’re wrong, I used to struggle to get my hair to grow. It was slow and so frustrating.
Thankfully, India is a country with a million natural solutions and I found what works best for me.

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These are the foundations to grow your hair fast naturally.

I don’t shampoo my hair everyday. I Only shampoo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I always use a conditioner every time I shampoo.
When styling your hair, be very careful with temperature. I avoid using high temperatures for longer than 5 seconds at a time.
I use a natural home-made mask that I usually apply twice a week, will be talking more about this soon.
I’m also particular about what hair products or supplements I use on my hair. I have also found a premium hair oil that works wonders for me.

Now let me tell you about my hair masks and washes.

They’re simple, easy and natural, so you can use them as much as you want!

Well then, let’s get started!

1. Onion Water

I have heard many variations of the onion oil recipe, but this is one that I have personally used and seen great results from. It was given to me by an authentic ayurvedic healer so I know it is the real deal.

2. Neem Oil:

This is something I learnt from my best friend in college.
She had amazing long hair that just looked so great! I was very fortunate that she shared this oil with me.
You should ideally use this once a week, preferably on a day when you can give your hair a little extra TLC.

Now apart from this, you guys should know that your hair growth will depend on your hair type.

Normal hair, is quite rare, but if you do have it, you’re blessed!
All you need to do is to wash your hair often and keep it away form the sun and your hair growth will be right on track!

People with oily hair shouldn’t use oil massages, because it will slow down hair growth. And use cold or room temperature water to wash your hair, this won’t allow more oil production.

If you have dry, you will benefit a lot from a hot oil massage every so often. And skip the daily hair wash with shampoo, shampoo will dry out your hair even more!

Combination hair generally means your scalp is oily and the hair tips are dry. So, avoid blow drying your hair, it will dry out the tips more,

6 tips to help you grow your fast naturally.

# Silk pillow covers
# Eat plenty of protein.
# Use cold water rinses
# Use Conditioner every time you wash your hair
# Use Proper Supplementation
# Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet

So, there you go, some of my top tips to grow your hair fast naturally!
I have used these methods and have seen my friends and family use them with amazing results and now I hope that they will work well for you too!