Hello and Happy New Year!!!

So it’s officially 2016 and I thought I would celebrate by making my first ASMR video for my new channel 🙂 I just wanted to do a little introduction really, although I’m too sure how informative this was. This video is mostly ear to ear soft spoken, with a little whispering too and an assortment of brushing, ear cupping and ear massaging sounds. I hope someone will like this video and get some relaxation or tingles from it! Thank you for watching and please feel free to leave requests, I will do my best to fulfil them (as long as they are ones I feel comfortable with) 🙂 xxx

00.01 – 04.00 – soft speaking with a little gentle ear touching
04.01 – 05.48 – playing with hair brush bristles
05.49 – 09.15 – brushing my long hair, ear to ear
09.16 – 11.12 – brushing ears with makeup (kabuki) brush
11.14 – 15.06 – ear cupping, touching, massage etc. (no talking at this point)
15.07 – end – a whispered goodbye 😉