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Being natural is not just related to the texture of your hair.

UnveilMyNatural knows that being natural is being given the opportunity to repair, grow, define, soften, moisturize, and strengthen your hair using natural herbs and oils.

Manufactured in the USA, our curl and grow shampoo is the perfectly blended Ayurveda herbal solution for true hair repair.

Strengthening for ultimate retention it will stimulate hair growth with each use. Immediate definition, ultimate moisture, ultimate strength for retention and touchable softness for all hair textures.

For ultimate results, after washing your natural hair with UnveilMyNatural’s Curl Grow Shampoo, follow up with our also unique Curl Repair Deep Conditioning Mask.

Don’t wait any longer to unveil your natural beauty.

OUR SPECIALTY: UnveilMyNatural specializes in natural hair products & the hair care of ALL NATURAL HAIR TYPES using 100% pure Ayurveda Herbs & Oils to improve the health of the hair, health of the scalp, & stimulation of hair growth. Ayurveda Herbs have been used for centuries to bind broken crevices on the hair follicles, create smooth less frizzy hair, provide radiant shine, clean itchy dry scalp, provide hair treatment for damaged hair, cleanse hair, define curls, strengthen & grow the hair.
PERFECT BLEND: If you have been tempted to try Ayurveda Herbs on your natural hair & have not because you did not know how to blend the herbs with your favorite shampoo, you are in the right place. UnveilMyNatural’s experts have perfectly blended Ayurveda Herbs, & Essential Oils that will repair dry damaged hair, bring back shine and luster, balance your scalp’s PH, & stimulate growth. Our Customers enjoy having a natural cleanse that is moisturizing without having to mix it themselves.
INCLUDES PURE ALOE VERA POWDER: Have you ever used a shampoo that has Aloe Vera Powder and not Aloe Vera juice? If not, you are in the right place. UnveilMyNatural’s experts have infused this luxury shampoo with pure Aloe Vera powder that gives your scalp and hair a clarifying cleanse. If you use styling products and are unsure if you are truly cleansing your scalp on wash day, then this is the right product for you.
FOR WOMEN, MEN & CHILDREN SAFE: UnveilMyNatural prides ourselves in the research of every ingredient we mix. Where some will change their formula and put ingredients in their product that may be harmful, UnveilMyNatural has a zero tolerance policy for parabens, harmful sulfates, & ingredients like propylene glycol. Feel great about UnveilMyNatural Curl & Grow Shampoo and all our natural hair products.
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The best thing you can do for your natural hair is ensure your scalp is at its healthiest, feed your natural hair with herbs that are proven to bring your hair back to its healthiest state, & stimulate hair growth while you go on your natural hair journey. Today is the day that you do something different in your natural hair journey. Giver your hair a luxury blend of Ayurveda Herbs.