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Aberlite brings you an enhanced mixture of multivitamins and nutrients that will improve your patches and slow growing beard. 

Several ingredients in our supplement have been associated with hair growth, according to several scientific experiments. 

Our 5X blending technique brings you the most effective and active form of our ingredients.  

Our product is solely made in the U.S.A in a FDA approved facility. 

Save time and fashionably get the beard you want with Aberlite.

Product Details:


Beard growth supplement

60 capsules /1 month supply


Take two tablets a day

Ingredients (serving size/dv%):

Vitamin A (2400 IU / 48%)

Vitamin C(120 mg / 200%)

Clcium Carbonate (80 mg / 1%)

Iron Ferrous Fumarate (14.5 mg / 80%)

Vitamin D3 (800 IU / 200%)

Vitamin E (30 IU / 100%)

Vitamin B1 (6 mg / 400%)

Vitamin B6 (8 mg / 400%)

Folic Acid ( 880 ug / 220%)

Vitamin B12 (12 ug / 200%)

Boitin (600 ug / 200%)

Vitamin B5 (30 mg / 300%)

Magnesium Oxide (120 mg / 30%)

Zinc Oxide (7.2 mg / 48%)

Maganese chelate (4 mg / 200%)

Potassium gluconate (12 mg / 1%)

Proprietary Blend: 409 mg



there is no pill or supplement that can enhance your genetics for hair growth.

If you cannot grow hair due to genetics our supplement will not help. 

This supplement is intended to insure you are receiving the right and optimal nutrients to enable hair growth. 

Sorry fellas, genetics are genetics.

UNIQUE 5X BLENDING TECHNOLOGY: Our 18-ingredient blend of multivitamins and nutrients is proven to not just optimize beard growth but it has also shown to be multifactorial, it even helps with keeping your skin healthy! Our unique 5X blending technology brings you the active and effective form of our ingredients, such as, folic acid, Vitamin A, panthothenate, biotin, etc., insuring peak and enhanced beard growth.
CLINICAL EVIDENCE: Many of our ingredients have been demonstrated by scientific clinical studies to have a strong relationship with hair growth: Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, folic acid (viatmin B9), Vitamin B12, and pantothenic variation. They have been shown to increase nuclear beta-catenin signaling via the WNT pathway, leading to tangible hair growth. Our ingredients coupled with our enhanced blending technology brings you a premier supplement for beard growth.
GREAT SMELL AND PERFECT TABLET SIZE: Tired of large pills that are uncomfortable to swallow? How about the smell and taste of your average pill? We want to optimize our customer’s experiences by insuring every moment with our nutrients is a vibrant and exciting one. We all want to grow our beards, so, why not do it with a smell and taste that is soothing to the buds and a tablet that is smooth to the swallow.
LONG AND THICK BEARD/NO MORE PATCHES!: Our blend of nutrients will fight against patches and slow growing beards. Beard growth deficiencies and patches are due to a lack of required nutrients and vitamins. Your beard is an important part of who you are and you should treat it just as well as you treat your body. Fulfil your beards needs with our enhanced blend of nutrients and we can confidently say you will be fulfilled.
MADE IN USA & FDA REGISTERED FACILITY: Our premier beard supplement is manufactured in a FDA registered facility that follows the strict GMP guidelines. Our product is exclusively made in the USA by leading manufacturers in hair supplements.