To do beautiful hairstyle with a ponytail is simple. At first gather all hair and do the ponytail with a rubber band. Wrap thin strand round the rubber band and hide a hair tip under the ponytail.
See how to do the ponytail and wrap it with the strand in my fifth tutorial. You can click a link and watch it. Then divide the ponytail into two equal parts and do an unusual braid.
Doing the unusual braid add strands only from one side and do two symmetric braids along the whole length of the ponytail.
If your hair fluffs up you can wet it a little and apply styling products on it. For example, gel or mousse.
The most interesting stage of doing this hairstyle is the closing stage. At this stage take some strands out of the braid, raise it up and fix it over the ponytail with a hairpin. Join hair tips together with a rubber band.
Such kind of creative hairstyle suits for female at any age: from little girl to woman. You can do it very fast by yourself. The creative braid can have a significant place in your collection of hairstyles.
This hairstyle on the basis of a ponytail is quite appropriate for going to school, work, café, restaurant, cafeteria, theatre, bar and even night club. You can go to any meeting with such hairstyle e.g. birthday party, date, prom or wedding.
You can see how to do a beautiful ponytail and learn how to do hairstyles by yourself on the «Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair Tutorial» channel
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