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A shiny head of hair is eye-catching. It makes its owner feel good from all the attention. But, sometimes, for many reasons, you might find yourself without hair in places. It doesn't have to stay that way though. Hair growth can be helped, and you can reverse the effects of hair loss. However, regular shampoo, even some stuff made specifically for hair growth, isn't enough to achieve hair regrowth or bring life back to thinning hair. The best shampoo has biotin. Biotin has hair thickening properties and improves hair health-also, it's organic. But even biotin shampoos are not all the same. Ours is a hair-growth shampoo leagues ahead of other hair-growth products.Also,deep conditioning doesn't have to come at an expensive price.This is the deep conditioning hair treatment you deserve-so get on it and love your hair.HAIR RESTORATION: Our Biotin shampoo and conditioner is a hair growth powerhouse and ideal for thinning hair and can help prevent further hair loss.
HEALTHY REGROWTH: Leaving thin hair stronger, shinier and glossier, the thickening shampoo adds volume without drying out hair and the biotin conditioner works to bring you glossy, healthy hair that looks (and smells) fantastic, and works to keep the scalp healthy.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff – the nourishing Argan Oil hair loss treatment contains organic ingredients to help prevent hair falling out and encourage regrowth.