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When it comes to taming that mane of his a Burley man isn’t going to turn to just any old hair cream. Like the man himself, he demands strength, he demands flexibility and he demands an uncompromising style that’s not taking any lip from anyone, see? That’s Burley. Buck’s Burley hair cream to be exact. You get your strong, flexible hold. You get to seal in moisture and dump the frizz. You get intense conditioning. You even get male pheromones, as though you needed any more of those, you Burley man you. Buck’s Burley hair cream gives you and your hair everything you need from a hair cream and nothing you don’t. Simple enough?STRONG HOLD | Buck’s Burley Hair Cream provides a strong hold that is perfect for styling and forming. Zero stiffness. Its like a firm Handshake – Not too shiny, No Grease, Just a sturdy, dependable matte finish.
MANLY SCENT | Our Styling Cream is formulated with long-lasting true sandalwood fragrance and all-natural pheromone boosting ingredients to ensure that you are dangerously sexy.
THICKENS HAIR | Make Your Hair look bigger and bulkier, like putting it on ROIDS But Legal.
HAIR GROWTH | Formulated to Restore and Rebuild Hair follicles to increase Hair growth. Think of it like sending your hair to the GYM!
MOISTURIZES & HYDRATES | A cream that seals in moisture and firmly shows frizz the door. Buck’s Burley moisturizes and detangles so you can quit breaking combs in your mane.