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Chebe is a mixture of herbs that are ground up into a powder for use as a hair mask. Chebe powder is mixed with crème and oil and the mask is applied to wet hair in small sections. Chebe is a super moisturizer that locks in moisture to the hair shaft. Chebe is a hair care secret of the Bassara women in Chad, Africa. They have naturall coarse hair that goes past their rear ends. DIRECTIONS: Combine 3 tablespoons of creme or conditioner with 1 teaspoon of your favorite oil. Add 1 teaspoon of chebe powder and combine to make a paste. Apply to wet hair in small sections ensuring the hair is covered from root to tips. Do not apply on the scalp. Follow with a protective style or cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 1 hour. Shampoo off the mask and follow with Chebe Leave-In Conditioner. Repeat this regimen every 3-5 days. INGREDIENTS: Lavender Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Reisin, Clove, Gum Arabic, vegetable oil and perfumeChebe is a combination of herbs that when used as a hair mask, is super moisturizing and hydrating to the hair
It is a Traditional Chadian Hair Treatment used for centuries by the Bassara Women in Chad to grow long, healthy hair
Chebe is made from all natural ingredients and is safe and effective hair growth formula
It is a natural deep treatment formula that strengthens the hair shaft, reduces breakage and promotes hair growth
Our Chebe is sourced directly from Ms Sahel in Chad. This is important because the ingredients are native to Chad so this is the original formula used by the Bassara women