Ok everyone… I'm a bit nervous about this hairstyles for older women with medium length hair video 🙂

Why am I nervous? Because I'm not really a hair “expert.” I'm just a fabulous older lady who loves playing with makeup, fashion, accessories and new hairstyles.

As the same time, I couldn't find any hairstyles for older women videos that I actually liked. So, I hope that you will bear with me as I share a few of my personal favorite styles.

This is a bit of an experiment for me, so, please let me know what you think by liking this video and commenting. If there is interest in me doing some more hairstyles for older women videos, I'll give it a shot. Otherwise, I'll stick with makeup 🙂 Let me know what you think!

Did you enjoy this hairstyles for older women video? Do you want me to do more? How would you describe your hairstyle? Let's have a chat!

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