Price: $114.61
(as of May 08,2021 15:38:01 UTC – Details)

High-quality ball bearing AC motor, small and light, long life and strong power, continuous operation for more than 1500 hours long life, more than 1.8 times the industry standard 800 hours.
High-concentration negative ion hair care, 20 million/cm3 negative ions, dry hair also deeply nourishes hair, keeping hair soft and supple.
55 ° C constant temperature does not hurt hair, 100 ° C high temperature rapid shaping, the use of advanced U-shaped wide flat heating wire, so that the heating parts, heat dissipation, durable, so that the internal air duct back, smoother, 100 ° C high temperature, fast shaping. Constant temperature hair care, care for hair health.
Noise reduction design, comfortable use, reasonable internal structure layout and component noise reduction optimization ensure wind power while effectively reducing the decibel when the hair dryer is working.
Hydra ion hair care, ion hair growth technology, ion wrapped each hair, deeply nourished into the hair scales and hair core, quickly restore the hair lost in the shape of the hair due to excessive heat.