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Focuses On Your Scalp and Follicles For Faster Hair Growth.

Maybe you have hair loss, thin hair or thinning hair. Perhaps you can see your scalp in some areas, have bald spots or your hair is falling due to breakage or other factors.

These types of hair loss and thinning conditions can be caused by any number of issues which may include the damage done by use of chemical hair products, buildup, stress, how you style your hair, and nutrition.

This Grow New Hair Shampoo for men and women gently cleanses your hair and scalp, helping to remove excess buildup and other chemical residue without clogging hair follicles.

For great looking, healthier hair growth, focus on your scalp and follicles by providing vitamins and proteins that help promote thicker, fuller and stronger hair.

VOLUMIZES HAIR weightlessly and effortlessly.
THICK, FULLER APPEARANCE the perfect fast way to freshen and revive your strands.
Gently soothes and aids healthy hair growth by improving the condition of damaged scalps, dryness, and itching.