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This was an already existing tag, I found out it was made by LaDollyVita33, but I kind of altered some of the questions a bit to try and answer some of your questions:) i hope this was helpful! here are the questions that I used:

1 What is your natural hair type, color and length?

2 Tell us about your haircut. Do you cut it yourself or go to a salon? How many layers do you have?

3 What hair brush or combs do you use?

4 Favorite hair accessory? Where did it come from?

5 What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

6 Favorite shampoo and conditioner?

7 Do you wash your hair everyday?

8 How do you wear your hair to bed?

9 Do you use heat tools like a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron? How often?

10 What are your two favorite hair tips?

11 What hair dye do you use?

12 How do you keep your hair healthy after bleaching it?

13 What is your hair length goal?

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