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Alera Nutrition's Flaunt It is a bullet proof product that grows your hair longer, stronger, and prettier. Did we mention the benefits that collagen, keratin, and biotin provides to your overall beauty? Ours is a pretty impressive product formulation. However, we don't think it's enough to just make premium dietary supplements. While our goal is to grow beauty through our products, we believe it's important to remember those who don't have time to worry about hair growth, but who wonder where they'll get their next cup of clean water. Our health products are a gift that does us good! So we want to pass some of that good forward to those most in need. YOUR PURCHASE MAKES AN IMPACT!


2% of Alera Nutrition's revenue funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. Giving back is a cornerstone to our philosophy – our purpose that drives our desire to create a positive global social impact through creative products. We take a three-pronged approach to our giving with a focus on HEALTH, WATER and EDUCATION


Our current grantees drill clean water wells, provide rechargeable lanterns for children with no power so they can study, and they provide hygiene kits for girls so they can stay in school. Our goal is to empower kids and adults – with a focus in Ghana, Mali and other African countries.< p>


Our Scientifically formulated Flaunt It's ingredients are clean and powerful – a premium product for a premium experience


One dose is 2 capsules once a day for 30 days. It's recommended to consistently take a dose a day for 90 days for best results.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING A GREATER CAUSE WHILE FURTHERING YOURS THROUGH BETTER HEALTH!✅ SAVE YOUR HAIR & SAVE A LIFE – We care, so we give back. It's not enough to make killer vitamins and supplements. We give back 2% of our revenue to support the complex, persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. So buy some womens and mens treatment capsules and we'll drill water wells in Ghana that save lives.
✅ HEALTHIER NUTRIENT-RICH INGREDIENTS – Alera's vegan hair boosting beauty pills are filled with Vitamins A, B, C, D, with Niacin, Calcium, Collagen, biotin, iron and more. You get out what you put in, so fill your body with essential multivitamins that slow thinning and regrow your confidence.
✅ FAST-GROWING & GREAT LOOKING – Forget about the expensive cream, oil, gummies, shampoo, drops, chemicals, and liquid treatments. Those looking for regrowth and strengthening will find happy results by consistently taking two pills daily for 90 days. Getting better volume and vibrance is that simple.
✅ RADIANT SKIN & STRONGER NAILS – Our Flaunt IT solution helps you show off a lot more than your new do. Faster than improved haircare is the eye-catching side benefits of strong nail health plus moisturized skin. Preventing hair loss starts at the roots which is where our multivitamin products start.
✅ SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED – biotin is a wonder worker, but only when paired with the right essential minerals, nutrients, and amino acids. Our team of professional lab experts created a potent and superior blend to stimulate maximum