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Formulated with ingredients to improve hair growth. For women experiencing menopause.NEW Women’s Formulation: Say hello to a new era of bio-efficacy. If biotechnology is not at the root of your hair happiness, it should be. Advances in the biotech sector make the patented and clinically proven ingredients (in human trials) most effective in combating the underlying causes of hair health issues. A healthy solution that promotes thicker, fuller, faster hair growth and improves texture.
Four patented clinically proven ingredients to combat the underlying causes of hair loss, thinning hair and declining hair health. Anti-aging, bio-active drug free solution to promoting thicker fuller hair faster. Minimizes hair shedding and hair loss due to stress and DHT (Androgenic Alopecia)
Repairs and revitalizes damaged hair follicles. Pre-empts hair loss due to aging. Excellent as a preventative for those with early signs of hair health changes.
Nutrafol is not just safe, it is healthy for you. Off-setting the damaging effects of stress, nutritional deficiencies, excessive styling or exercise.
Helps body build resistance to stress with clinically proven anti-stress adaptogens. Take as a preventative as part of your anti-aging strategy.