Price: $571.92
(as of May 18,2020 05:45:16 UTC – Details)

■ IPL pulse light, hair removal is clean and does not rebound, the melanin of the hair follicles is accurately disintegrated, and the hair growth is relieved from the root.
■ No need for color comparison card, one-button operation, intelligent skin color detection, 115 flashes per minute sliding hair removal, the whole body only takes 10 minutes at a time.
■ The whole machine is super easy to operate with only one key. It can be deactivated once a week for 8-12 weeks. There is no limit to the lamp head, and there is no need to worry about the life of the lamp head.
■ Sliding / inching two hair removal methods, quick and time-saving home beauty instrument, small area: inching type hair removal face, underarm, bikini area, large area: sliding type hair removal arm, leg, back area.
■ Applicable to the whole body, even the sensitive skin and bikini area can be removed safely. Girls with small beards and men with beards can also use them. If they are used for beards or facial hair, they will no longer grow. Please consider using them carefully.