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■ Continuous use for 1 year, can achieve 96% of the whole body hair net results (different growth cycle of hair follicles are different, only affect the hair follicles in the growing period).
■ Powerful cleansing and concealing pores, instantly destroying hair follicles, allowing hair to fall off 3 times, smoothing folds, saying goodbye to roughness, 12 weeks of silky skin, concealing pores photon rejuvenation technology, making skin white and smooth.
■ Intelligent skin-detecting and powerful hair-cleaning, intelligent testing of skin color, matching energy can burst out precise energy instantly, and powerful hair-cleaning.
■ The gentle mode is designed for sensitive muscles, reducing the intensity and suitable for sensitive skin. After a few cycles, the skin is smoother and healthier, and it gets extra care.
■ Applicable to the whole body, even the sensitive skin and bikini area can be removed safely. Girls with small beards and men with beards can also use them. If they are used for beards or facial hair, they will no longer grow. Please consider using them carefully.