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Natural and Organic:
ALL ingredients are natural, all organic hair growth essence,Stimulates & Nourishes Hair Follicles & Scalp.Designed to Revitalize,Strengthen and Protect -For Hair Restoration,Stronger,Thicker & Long Lasting Hair

Ingredients: ginseng, polygonum multiflorum, cacumen biotae, ginger king, angelica, black sesame, ginkgo, vitamin E and other natural ingredients.


Method 1, per 100ml shampoo, add 2-5ml, mixed before use;

Method 2, drops 2-5 drops with the shampoo in each wash, use 3-5 times a week.

Method 3, You can put a little bit on your scalp when your hair is almost dry.


1. Stored Under normal temperature.

2. Keep away from children.

3. Avoid contact with the wound.

4. Please do skin text before use ,Any adverse reactions, stop using.

5. This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

6.If it is in use, if it accidentally flows into the eyes, it should be washed immediately with cold water.
Product Specifications: 30ml / bottleHAIR REPAIR: The hair growth Serum not only effectively promote hair growth, make hair follicle nourishing and active, but also suppress hair become greasy.
EFFECT:Our hair growth essence can effectively prevent hair loss by delivering nutrition to hair root, repair damaged hair, restore the vitality of hair.
PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Dry and frizzy hair, medium to coarse hair, both men and women.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS:.This hair growth Liquid is a natural and top quality product. Our ingredients come from natural sources and will give you the results that you so much yearn for.
APPLICABLE HAIR SYMPTOMS: Slow hair growth, hair urgent need to grow, inelastic, hair tangled dull, easy to break, rough and unruly, not supple.