How to get long thick hair and glowing skin? – Celebrity Skincare and Hair Care with Vijay Tv Venba Vj Farina Azad – Bharathi Kannama Venba

If there's one thing we adore about Farina Azad, it's that she takes perfect care of her skin and hair. On our search for her regimen, we invited her to Ca-Sh to unveil the secrets behind her most beautiful clear, supple skin and her thick and long hair.
Farina gives us a tutorial and shares her secret method to achieve long thick hair and glowing skin naturally.

The ravishing beauty Farina Azad, the vivacious hostess of shows like Kitchen Galatta, Celebrity Interview and Cinema Special has now started stealing hearts of many households of South by her acting in Sun Tv's Azhagu Serial and Vijay Tv's Bharathi Kannama as Venba.

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