In this video, I show you at home, natural, cheap and easy tips and tricks on how to grow your hair out long, healthy and fast. I went from thin, short, damaged, layered hair to longer and thicker hair very quickly. These tips will help you get your hair below your waist and touch your butt! I style my brunette hair natural using no heat hairstyles. I hope this tutorial helps you grow out your hair super long and healthy. If you would like a hair care routine and for me to show you the products I use, let me know!

Main Tips: Use Less Heat/ Eliminate Heat
Get Regular Trims
Only Wash Your Hair Every 2/3 Days
Use Shampoo Only On Roots/Use Conditioner Only On Ends
Use A Good Hairbrush (Tangle Teezer)
Put Hair Into Braids At Night
Use DIY Hair Masks
Dry Hair Using T-shirt
Be Healthy!

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