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Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the most versatile of all products. You might know of its skin-healing properties, but do you know that it is excellent for your hair too?

Today's video will discuss 7 Ways To Use White Vinegar For Hair Loss & Hair Rinse.

Apple cider vinegar brings a certain zing to any recipe it is added to. Do you know it is also a recipe for gorgeous hair? We kid you not. Dull hair, oily hair, hair with dandruff… A vinegar hair rinse and voila! Your hair gets the boost it needs.

Why invest in chemical-laden, off-the-shelf products when something as simple as vinegar can do so much for you?

7 Ways To Use Vinegar for Better Hair,

1) To balance the natural hair pH,

Our scalp naturally secretes oil that keeps it and our hair safe from bacteria and fungus. But shampoos and other products often strip this natural protection. Vinegar has the same pH levels as this oil and can maintain desired acidity levels.

2) As a cleansing and clarifying agent,

If you use a lot of hair products, it can lead to a gradual sticky build-up. You can use vinegar for hair cleansing and clarifying and bring back the shine to your dull tresses.

3) To add natural curls,

Vinegar adds a spring to your hair and makes your natural curls pop. Unlike shampoos and conditioners, it won’t weigh down your hair either. And you will have lesser need to use heating and styling products, keeping your curls healthier and happier.

4) Reduce frizz,

The soothing properties of vinegar smooth down cuticles and leave your hair frizz-free for a really long time.

5) For faster hair growth,

Vinegar improves blood circulation to the hair follicles and thus encourages hair growth.

6) No tangles,

Have you ever used White Vinegar For Hair Loss, Let me know in our comment section below.





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