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For health maintenance: fever and head protection intelligence, can be in the ovary, kidney care, pain cold, etc Has a unique curative effect.
For partial weight loss: to stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of weight loss and plastic;
Applied to massage head: improve hair growth, insomnia, much dream,Memory decline, complexion is dark yellow wonders.
On foot massage: brush before hand to massage the soles, invigorate the circulation flow effect is better than manual massage more than 20 times,Brush and highly energy, for the whole leg fever, whole body unobstructed.
Legs: Scrape upward from the lower leg brush, for leg ministry lymph drainage, sculpture shape legs: is the best to eliminate edema, eliminate the small red rash, eliminate the legsThe choice of leg ministry dry, remove the legs dewlap, easily a brush, when times get effective.