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THE WORKING PRINCIPLE: Strong pulsed light with a wavelength of 610-1200nm is absorbed by the hair pigment group in the hair follicle, the temperature rises, and it is quickly transmitted from the hair section to the root of the hair without harming normal tissues and sweat glands, and destroying the hair protrusion and hair nipples Thus, the effect of permanent hair removal is large; the principle of skin rejuvenation: the strong pulse light energy with a wavelength of 530-1200NM is used to irr
8 ENERGY LEVELS/MANUAL&AUTO MODE HAIR REMOVAL: 8 different energy levels that gives users to choose according to their skin tone and hair color to ensure the light intense. Start from level 1 for the first time to get used to the device and flashes before increasing to higher level. Manual mode is self operation. Automatic mode will release flashes after every 3seconds to the skin when it's on AUTO mode.
900,000 FLASHING LONG LIFE: HXXXIN permanent laser hair removal, 900,000 flashes, enough to meet the body hair removal of 11-13 people. It is therefore designed as a non-removable flash head to avoid the risk of light leakage and loose contact. Equipped with a small area of ​​light cap, you can remove excess hair on small areas such as bikini lines, fingers, and chin.
APPLICABLE SKIN AND HAIR COLOR: The strong pulsed light hair removal system is especially effective for black, dark brown, medium brown or light brown hair. As with any epilation device, hair removal is not effective for gold, red or white gray hair. In addition, this product is not suitable for dark skin.
NOTICEABLE RESULTS HAIR REMOVAL : The hair follicles will began to shrink, hair growth slowed, hair is reduced by more than 82% after 4 weeks. Hair becomes thinner in 6 weeks of treatment. And after 8 weeks, you don't have to do regular treatment, once in a while is enough.