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In this Fancy Hair tutorial, I will be showing you how to create this unique, knotted staircase wrap around braid. The staircase knotted braid wraps around the hair, creating a beautiful twisted ponytail effect. This look is all about technique. To get the “knotted staircase” braid effect, the key is to use thin strands of hair. Although this hairstyle was created with Fancy Hair clip-in hair extensions, it looks great on natural hair too!

To recreate this hairstyle, you will need the following styling tools:

1. Hairbrush
2. Sectioning Clip
3. 6 Clear Hair Elastics
4. Scissors

***Hair Care Tip: Always begin brushing your hair starting at the ends and then working your way up to the roots. If you have any tangles in your hair, and you start brushing your hair from the top of your head instead of the bottom, you will risk getting the hairbrush caught in the tangles. This can pull on your hair, and can result in hair damage, breakage and shedding. By starting to brush your hair out at the ends, you are gently detangling any knots from the bottom, which easily gets released and allows the rest of your hair to be brushed out more easily without damaging or pulling your hair.

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