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Making this reminded me how much I hate making hair videos! lol it's like if the camera is on then my hair wants to be an asshole.

Obvi they're are probably 100 different ways you can make a bow bun work for you (is this called a bow bun? idk). I've only ever seen probably one or two videos on this and neither of the girls had extremely long hair so I had to figure out on my own what to do with all my extra hair.

Quick Summary:
How to do a bow bun; The bow will look best with a high ponytail (in my opinion). I used just one ponytail and on the last loop I only pulled my hair through a little. Split the hair pony in half and pull out how big you want your bow to be. If your hair is acting up like mine was you will probably need to pin down the sides or it will go up and look non-bow like. Then wrap the hair around and pin it to the front (or back whatever way, really).. Then take your small strands and pin those through the bow and your basically done.


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