A – apple cider vinegar – rinse with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to remove product build up and to get shine.
B – breakage – use hair friendly hair accessories, for example no hair elastics with metal parts.
C – cutting – you can cut/trim your own long hair using Feye’s cutting method
D – distilled water – spray your hair with distilled water to prevent/fix dry hair. Trapping the water with
a leave in will give you even better results.
E – ends – take extra good care of your hair ends by keeping them moisturized and using a leave in regularly.
F – friction – to minimize damage by friction give your hair a break now and then by using updos.
G – growth – the base for healthy hair is a healthy diet and good hair care routine.
H – henna – henna is a good hair treatment, but it also colors your hair red. Neutral henna (cassia obovata) gives you the same benefits but doesn’t color your hair.
I – indigo – indigo is similar to henna/neutral henna and it colors your hair black.
J – jojoba oil – this is a good starter oil since it works well for most hair types
K – kesham shampoo powder – an easy way to wash, condition and deep treat your hair with herbs.
L – length – to measure your hair correctly, start measuring from the middle of your scalp all the way down.
M – mask – a hair mask is a cheap, quick, mess free way to deep treat your hair. You can also make it yourself.
N – neem oil – a hair oil that is specifically very good for scalp problems.
O – olive oil – fancy hair oils are not a must. Even regular olive oil can give you good results.
P – products – alternate between products to prevent them from not working for you anymore.
Q – quality – choose quality over length for healthy and beautiful hair. This is a personal choice but sometimes it’s better.
to have shorter hair but have it look beautiful than to have very long hair that doesn’t look very nice.
S – sun protection – protect your hair from the sun with a hat or scarf or just use a hair protective spray or oil.
T- tangles – try to avoid really bad tangles and -when you do have tangles- use a detangle spray and a wide comb.
W – washing – don’t wash your hair too often. It will make your hair extra dry OR get greasy quicker. Expect an adjustment period
when you try going from frequent washes to less frequent washes. It will be worth it afterwards though!

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