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Hair loss in women has five major causes: inadequate nutrition, physical or emotional stress, thyroid levels, DHT buildup in follicles, and side effects of medication. Hair Revive 5 is a nutritional, herbal and homeopathic formula that addresses all five major causes of hair loss. 120 capsules (30 day supply). All RidgeCrest products carry our unconditional money-back guarantee. Hair Revive 5 is the most complex formula we have ever created, with over 40 different ingredients. It contains five separate nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic complexes, each addressing one or more of the five causes of hair loss in women.Hair ReVive is designed to help reduce daily hair loss, promote faster hair growth, grow thicker, fuller hair and reduce styling damage
By combining biotin and silica with other vitamins and minerals, herbs, and bioflavonoids, Hair ReVive supports the nutritional needs of the body for cleansing follicles, fighting stress, and promoting healthy hair growth
Our Stress Nutrition Complex minimizes the adverse effects of stress by supplying vitamins and minerals that are critical for hair to weather difficult times, including a full gamut of Vitamin B complex vitamins that are key to proper hair growth
N-acetyl-cysteine, the most bioavailable form of cysteine, provides a key building block for healthy hair
Also contains horsetail herb extract which is rich in silica, a common trace mineral used for natural hair supprort