Hey everyone, this is my attempt at starting a tag. I hadn't really seen any here on YT that were geared towards the UTT community and thought it might be fun to try. I guess my idea was that since we are all different, with different hair types and lengths, these would end up being super helpful and great little reference points for those who have questions and/or need and want to change their routine.

I've written 12 questions, but please feel free to add or take away form them!
Hope you all enjoy the tag and do it too!

1 What is your natural hair type, color and length?

2 Tell us about your haircut. Do you cut it yourself or go to a salon? How many layers do you have?

3 What hair brush or combs do you use?

4 Favorite hair accessory? Where did it come from?

5 What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

6 Favorite shampoo and conditioner?

7 Favorite hair oil, leave in conditioner, detangler, etc.?

8 Do you wash your hair everyday?

9 How do you wear your hair to bed?

10 Do you use heat tools like a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron? How often?

11 What are your two favorite hair tips?

12 What is your hair length goal?