Price: $228.99
(as of Aug 19,2020 05:43:01 UTC – Details)

【Hair Growth Helmet Device】Provide a safe treatment which has no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no side effects. The specific spectrum of 650-670 nm red light, combined with LLLT direct irradiation into the hair follicle, can strengthen the hair follicle and thus hair growth.
【Effective & Painless】Stimulate weakened hair follicles in a painless way, strengthen the growth vitality of the follicles, and promote healthy hair growth. Dual technology, inject healthy energy from the root for the scalp, directly to the hair root to wake up the hair follicle, hair follicle health, hair health.
【Easy to Use】Just long press the power button to start, and short press the “M” key to select the mode.There are four modes to choose from,the four modes correspond to different situations.It is recommended to use 3 times a week for 25 minutes each time.
【Perfect Design】Design as a helmet shape,Silicone parts on both sides are elastic and can be adjusted size for anyone automatically.Lightweight design, long wear not tired.Specially developed with high efficiency feature that allow it to deliver the maximum amount of light and coverage for total scalp area.
【Resolve Different Hair Loss Problems】 The device is suitable for hair loss, seborrheic alopecia, hereditary hair loss, postpartum hair loss, stress hair loss, poor hair quality (oily, Sparse, dry, knotted) and other hair loss problems. Great effect to resolve hair line receding, balding and thinning hair.