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Our hairstyle this week was named the “waffle cone” by a few awesome members on our Facebook page. The Princess and I loved this suggestion, as the woven pattern and triangular shape of this style does look very similar to a waffle ice cream cone! 😉

The inspiration for this style came from an image we saw on Pinterest by a user named “Лена Роговая” (in Russian.) We took the original style, changed it up a bit, and the “waffle cone” was born!

At first glance, this ponytail hairstyle seems to be fairly complicated with what looks to be a waterfall or dutch braid on each side, and a fishtail type of braid in the middle. But as you will notice in our video tutorial, there is actually no braiding involved here at all, which makes this a very easy and quick hairstyle. This style is perfect for school, work, sports, church, along with many other occasions.

I would recommend this hairstyle for long hair, medium hair, curly, wavy or straight.

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